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Why a Free Pony?

Kent Karber
The term “Free Pony” comes from a negotiation I was involved in a few years ago on a complex commercial real estate deal. One side (mine) seemed to have the upper hand in the negotiations and were generally getting everything we asked for. When it was over, one of the principles on my side commented that in addition to everything else we asked for and received, we should have demanded a free pony. He was kidding of course, and was a decent guy who knew when enough was enough.  Read more...

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This site provides an ongoing discussion on government in the United States and its affect on people’s lives, history, personal rights and freedom, as well as other cultural, literary and occasionally humorous observations. One general theme will be to examine the growing presence of state and Federal governments and the concomitant reliance on that presence. We will examine the surge of government programs and handouts and the corrosive effect the resulting dependence has on society.

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